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Might & Glory Club Application



Your email address will be used by Wargaming and its partners to send you information about Might & Glory Club activities dedicated to Pagan Online release. You can unsubscribe from communications about Might & Glory Club through the tool specified in Wargaming communications. We will delete the data collected once Might & Glory Club activities dedicated to Pagan Online release are finished. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn how we use your data.
Please write your name/nickname.
Meaning the website, public page or public account where you share your creations and/or manage communities (Twitch/YouTube channel, Subreddit, Facebook page, Twitter/Tumblr/Pinterest/Behance/other account).
It is important that you provide correct email, cause this is the primary channel of communication with organizers, where we will send you game and goodies access instructions, prizes info and other important updates. This question requires a valid email address.
5. Did you play Pagan Online before? *It is necessary to provide an answer to this question.